The seasons are changing, and now that we are moving into Fall, it’s time to prepare the house for colder weather. 

Here are ten tasks that you can do to help prepare your home for colder weather. 

  1. Gutters- Clean and inspect gutters. Clean out downspouts and any clogs from the falling leaves and debris.    
  2. Furnace- Test heaters to make sure they are working correctly and have the furnace serviced if needed.
  3. Filters- When is the last time you changed the furnace filters? Most models suggest changing your filters every three months. Now is a good time, since you’ll be spending more time indoors. 
  4. Faucets- Drain and cover outdoor faucets and remove and store hoses and sprinklers. 
  5. Safety Equipment- Test smoke and carbon monoxide devices. Check the expiration date of the device and replace batteries or unit if needed. Check the expiration date of the fire extinguisher and replace it if needed. If you don’t have one, you should! Test and service any generators or emergency equipment. 
  6. Outdoor Furniture-  Clean and store all outdoor furniture and decorations. 
  7. Gardening Tools- Clean, dry, and put away all gardening tools to keep them from rusting. 
  8. Shed & Garage-  Organize and clean out the garage and shed. Donate items that you’re not using anymore and store all summer items. 
  9. Fireplace- Clean and inspect chimney and fireplace. Schedule a service provider if needed. Make sure you have a safe place to store ashes and that your tools are functioning correctly. 
  10. Roof- Inspect and clean roof. Remove moss and leaves as they accumulate. Check for any damage and schedule a service provider if needed. 

Once your checklist is complete, and you’re ready for colder weather, you can sit back and enjoy your comfy and cozy house. 

Day trip to Grateful Vineyard & Mt. View Orchards

Are you looking for a fun summer day trip or date day? This weekend we took a drive out to Grateful Vineyard and Mt. View Orchards. This gorgeous little vineyard and orchard made a perfect day getaway. They are a dog-friendly vineyard and orchard located about an hour and a half outside Portland, in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

The you-pick orchards were full of apples, peaches, pears, flowers and more. The farmstand is full of jams, jellies, honey, applesauce and already picked produce to take home and enjoy.

Where and what to eat?

You can bring food or order food from the restaurant to go for a picnic. They have a large lawn and plenty of shady places to sit in the orchards. We brought our picnic lunch and were able to set up under a shady tree in the apple orchards.

After are picnic we went walking around the grounds enjoying the beautiful day, then headed to the vineyard side of the property for wine tasting and dessert! The restaurant serves good quality wood-fire pizzas and salads. (We’re going to come back for the pizza!) They have indoor and outdoor seating with a gorgeous view of Mt. Hood in the background. It’s a beautiful place to sit and enjoy a glass of wine, cider or beer.

I recommend making a reservation on Open Table before coming out since space is limited due to COVID precautions. (Their website has up-to-date info on their current COVID information.)

If you are looking for a perfect day trip not too far from home, this would be the one!

Don’t forget to stop by and see Carlos, The Steer. He is a big sweet character that enjoys a good scratch!

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