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About The Lark Realty Group

We think we’re on a specific path in life when suddenly an opportunity comes along and changes your trajectory, like meeting a person who will change your life. That is what happened to us.

Krystal Seeley & Kelsey Weingart are Oregon Real Estate Brokers with John L. Scott Real Estate and have joined together to combine their love of homes, design, and business to open their own partnership! Together with John L. Scott Real Estatewe look forward to growing with our community and helping our clients achieve their dreams.

What People Are Saying

Krystal is such an amazing person to work with!! My husband and I are looking to expand our family and Krystal has been so incredibly helpful answering questions and having tons of knowledge, I feel like I can trust her 100% and I’ve never felt like a customer with her, always a friend. Krystal will make your home buying experience fun and exciting, the way it’s supposed to be!! Thank you Krystal for all your amazing work and I look forward to continuing my journey with you! -Megan B. (Via Facebook)

During the past year, I have gotten to know Kelsey both on a professional and personal level. Kelsey is a kind-hearted individual with an overwhelming desire to serve her community. Kelsey strives to provide the best customer service with utmost compassion and generosity. I have had the privilege of witnessing her tender-hearted and fun-loving nature, always going above and beyond for those around her. Kelsey exceeds as a professional without measure. I would highly recommend her! -Sarah B.

Kelsey and Krystal partnerships is the complete package when it comes to real estate. They are ambitious, resourceful, and diligent. They have a strong desire for success and making sure their clients get their dream homes. When things get complicated they find creative solutions to remove those roadblocks and get their clients what they want. Lastly, they are so organized that they make the home buying process so easy. These two have such a great partnership and both bring their strengths to their business to have a successful business. – Ashley T.